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Things You Need To Stop Doing In Your 20's

Posted on 14/11/2016 by Campus Living Villages

Whether it takes a huge raging party to make you see the light, or you have a moment of clarity when you realise you haven’t washed your bed sheets in two months, here are a few things you need to stop doing now that you’re in your twenties.

Pros and Cons Of The Three-Year Degree

Posted on 25/10/2016 by Campus Living Villages

I did a three-year degree that ended up being a 4-year because I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. Everyone approaches things differently, so here are the pros and cons of doing a three-year degree

A Rookies Guide To Voting (And How To Get Out Quickly)

Posted on 03/06/2016 by Campus Living Villages

If it's your first time you've been old enough to vote, it's understandable you might not have followed the elections too closely in previous years. Here's how to get your vote in, and have a hassle free time on the day.

5 Quirky Ways To Reduce Stress

Posted on 30/05/2016 by Campus Living Villages

If the usual stress relief methods aren’t working for you, here are some quirky ones you can test out when you’re feeling under pressure.

Cut Your Shop Budget Without Cutting The Food

Posted on 10/05/2016 by Campus Living Villages

Here are our best tips for budget friendly grocery shopping

Realistic New Year's Resolutions To Take Into Semester 1

Posted on 16/01/2016 by Campus Living Villages

New year's resolutions famously fail, so here's how you can set more realistic goals in time for the start of Semester 1.

5 Things To Look For In Student Accommodation

Posted on 21/12/2015 by Campus Living Villages

Looking for student accommodation that suits your needs can be difficult. Here's what you need to think about in your search.

Recipes For An Affordable Christmas Lunch

Posted on 14/12/2015 by Campus Living Villages

Here are our top picks for affordable and simple Christmas lunch/dinner recipes: