Ramping up the First Year Uni experience

In Australia and New Zealand, our student life offering includes an award-winning V1 – First Year Uni program dedicated to making the first year experience a success. Pioneered at Griffith University Village on the Gold Coast, the program has been recognised for both marketing and operational excellence.

The first year journey begins the moment a student submits their application form. Fresh-faced new residents are welcomed into the community before they even set foot on campus through private Facebook groups, ongoing Resident Assistant (RA) support, videos and blogs. On arrival, specially allocated first year apartments and tailored O-Week events help prepare them for university life.

Social media also plays a significant role in the development of the community. GUV resident, Sam Hall, was one of hundreds of first year students who displayed their O-Week adventures to the world through Facebook and Instagram.

“O-Week was one of the best weeks of my life. The GUV team certainly lived up to reputation. I’m so psyched for this semester!!” he said.

With many first years having recently moved out of home, specialised interaction and support channels go a long way towards increasing engagement, recruitment and retention.

CLV is proud to have won the following awards for the V1 – First Year Uni program:

  • AACUHO Housing Operator of the Year, Australasian Association of College and University Housing Officers
  • NSW Marketing Excellence Award for New Brand, Product or Service, Australian Marketing Institute
Griffith University Village first year uni program


Quick Facts

  • Location: Griffith University Village, Gold Coast, Australia
  • Education Partner: Griffith University

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