A home away from home

UCA Student Village in Christchurch has launched HOME Social Space, an innovative lounge concept that provides residents with a unique, modern social and study space.

The 250-pax licenced common space, operating at UCA Student Village’s Ilam Apartments, caters for students in their second year and above.

Offering a range of food options throughout the week and alcohol sales from Wednesday to Sunday, HOME Social Space consists of quiet, internet-enabled break out areas for studying during the day and a communal location where students can socialise in the evenings.


Home Social Space at UCA Student Village

The concept was created by Think & Shift, a design studio owned by a former CLVnz residents. The logo itself is inspired by the statement, “I’ll leave the light on”, a typical comment a parent might make before their children come home at night. Armed with an understanding of resident needs, Think & Shift fine-tuned the concept based on resident feedback and insights from focus groups.

The HOME Social Space features a flexible layout with movable furniture to accommodate both large and small groups. A full social calendar includes events such as ‘Sunday Roast’, ‘Feed the Flat’, ‘Trivia Quiz’ and ‘Karaoke Night’, offering options to suit a range of resident preferences. During exam periods and study breaks, the mood switches to focus on events that support learning and academic achievement.

The HOME Social Space earned a finalist position in the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s Best Awards.


HOME Social Space

Quick Facts

  • Location: UCA Student Village, Christchurch, New Zealand
  • Education Partner: University of Canterbury

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