a socially responsible business

We pride ourselves on giving back to our community, helping students take a step up in the world, encouraging sustainable practices where possible and creating a safe, supportive environment for residents, visitors and staff.

success beyond profits

As a business, we recognise our work will have an impact on the local and wider environments and we take our responsibility to manage this impact seriously. We aim to use resources carefully, act thoughtfully and operate ethically, and expect our business partners to do the same. Our success cannot just be measured in terms of profits and growth. Our success also depends on how we effectively embed socially responsible and sustainable principles into everything we do across the business on a local, national and global scale.

Our goals


To be a socially responsible employer

We recognise the significant enthusiasm, expertise and energies that exist at all levels amongst our staff. There is no doubt that our employees are our most valuable resource and we are committed to ensuring that all of our employees are provided with rewarding working conditions and development opportunities.


To invest in the next generation

Young people are the sum of their experiences and potential, not just their qualifications. We will be part of a wide framework which enables the next generation to understand and unleash their potential.


To use natural resources sustainably

We are here to maximize the student experience whilst minimising our environmental impact. We are respectful of the environment and we will actively monitor and manage our impact to ensure we are a sustainable business. We will run awareness campaigns for Our People and will work with all partners to ensure they understand, and contribute to, our environmentally focused objectives.


To promote positive wellbeing

We will offer a range of direct and indirect interventions which raise awareness of important issues. Often run in partnership, these interventions include resident focused campaigns and encouraging employees to take every opportunity to talk about healthy lifestyle choices.

our charity partnership philosophy

Long term and mutually beneficial partnerships are essential to our company achieving its strategic objectives. We look to forge strong relationships that will have a positive and lasting impact.


Charity partnerships

  • We will always work with a similar set of values, work with young adults or where there is a clear connection between their mission and ours. We will also ensure that we consult with socially responsible specialist organisations when undertaking a particular strand of our own socially responsible work.
  • Assessments will be carried out using a matrix to ensure full consideration has been given to value alignment, outputs and impact of funding.


University partnerships

  • We work closely with our university partners to ensure our residents remain connected to their own initiatives around energy saving, local volunteering and understand how to access other services which support their health and wellbeing.


Suppliers and business

  • We always look to work with like-minded businesses who are doing their bit to bring positive changes to society’s pressing problems.
  • We create a robust procurement system which ensures that we consider a supplier’s commitment to their social and environmental impact before awarding them business. This will not be a commercial decision alone.
  • We work with existing suppliers to ensure their business practices reflect our own ethics and values.
  • We will aim to only work with those with recognised accreditations in their field.

Our community

Recognising that we have wide ranging social and environmental responsibilities, we have established CLV Communities, a not-for-profit entity which is dedicated to engaging with our residents, staff, university partners and local community stakeholders to identify and address issues that are important.

This ranges from driving aspirations in young people through our staff volunteering programme and offering accommodation bursaries to prevent students leaving higher education, to working with others to run campaigns that increase awareness of issues such as mental wellbeing, healthy eating and responsible alcohol consumption.

Supporting university education

The CLV Communities accommodation bursary scheme is open to students at partner universities who face financial difficulties. By providing free accommodation to selected students, we hope to lessen the barriers they may experience in their journey to completing higher education.

Featured stories


CLV Communities award

We wanted to find those people in our business who, through their actions, are having a direct impact on their community, whether that be at work or home. We sought nominations for people who invested their spare time in a local or national charity, or someone who had a passion for the environment and was always looking for ways to reduce our collective footprint on it, or someone who is always generous with their time, energy or money when approached with fundraising requests.


Reduce, reuse, recycle

By teaming up with the Salvation Army we ran a campaign known as Donate Don’t Dump, in which we encouraged residents to put their unwanted clothes and shoes in strategically placed textile bins during end of year move-out.  We collected over 6 tons of clothes and shoes which will be resold in UK shops to fund projects helping vulnerable people, such as the poor, the homeless and victims of human trafficking.


Power of community spirit

We have launched a programme called Community Spirit to enable our staff to give up to two working days a year to volunteer at either a charity close to their hearts or with one of our partner charities. Our focus this year will be facilitating workshops in schools which ready the students for their future world of work.