Ask Curtis

Photo Oct 17-2Each month we want questions from our village teams on any facilities-related issues. Please email all questions to In the subject line please put “Ask Curtis” along with your question topic.


Dear Curtis,
I heard a rumor that there is a new HVAC program starting in the State of Texas that is offering big incentives if we do a large HVAC retrofit.  Have you heard anything about that?

R.E. Bates

Dear Mr. Bates,
Yes, I have heard the same thing.  We are working with our local HVAC installer on putting together a project retrofit proposal.  I would suggest engaging your local HVAC installer and then also reviewing the information on

Your installer should be aware of the program, and the details.  This could be a great way to save big money or get some free money to re-invest in your property’s HVAC retrofit program.  Coordinate the program with your RFM to get the ball moving on the project.


Dear Curtis,
It is storm season and I am seeing fallen limbs all over the place, and GM and I are concerned that we will have some roof or building damage.  What should we do?

Lightening McQueen

Dear McQueen,
One of the best suggestions I can tell you is that you really need to be looking at your trees on site.  Specifically, you want to review trees that you have issues with in the past or those that are dead, dying, or dangerous.  You should coordinate with your RFM and Landscaper.  You may also want to have an arborist, a scientist that specializes in trees, to come out and give you an assessment on a tree’s status if you just aren’t sure.

Summer is a great time to get a bunch of these trees removed if necessary because your parking lots are empty so a contractor can have easier access to the area.



Dear Curtis,
Last year I had a heck of a time with HD Supply invoicing and getting orders on time.  Heck I even had some orders I made in June hit my July budget because of the way HD Supply bills.  What do I need to do in order to not eat into my R&M budget for FY18?

Penny Pincher

Dear Mrs. Pincher,
I had the same thing happen to me last year.  The good news is this year we have our new NetSuite Purchase Order system.  The great thing about this system is that when you receive your orders from HD Supply or any other retailer, you can instantly recognize what was received and what was not received.

So when CLVAP gets an invoice from HD Supply they will be able to track it back to FY17 if the order was placed say in May, but did not ship until July due to backordering.

Also I would say get all your FY17 money spent in May so that way you have all of June to get your HD Supply order and your FY17 budget and FY18 budgets don’t overlap.


Dear Curtis,
We are doing a massive flooring retrofit this summer and I am concerned that we won’t have enough money for unforeseen costs.  What should I do?

Dr. Rug

Dear Dr. Rug,
You may have missed the boat on this a bit, but it is always a good idea when budgeting to forecast some subfloor repairs.  This is usually your biggest unforeseen cost, and it can get big quick if you are not careful.  Our flooring company always recommends that we budget a minimum of 30 percent of our plank retrofits for subfloor treatments.  You may not need it all, but believe me you will be glad you did if the number is that high.

Look there is no guarantee on any big job.  All you have to go on is your own intuition, experience, and your team.  The good news is that when you add all that up together, you get a pretty big wealth of knowledge and can forecast and plan for most issues.