Bootcamp Perspective – Ajiri Ekpebe

I have always loved the proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” because it refers to teamwork and collaboration. One of the reasons I chose to work for Campus Living Villages (CLV) was because I learned about the collaborative environment at my village during my interview. My interviewers both spoke about how teamwork contributed to the current success of my village and the company. During the General Managers’ (GM) Boot Camp at University of San Antonio (UTSA), I got the opportunity to see the teamwork my interviewers spoke of in action and learned why the CLV sites are referred to as villages.

Attending the GM conference was both exciting and a little scary for me. Not only was it my first GM Boot Camp Training but it was also my first day as a CLV employee, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. However, the training was relevant and extremely informative. Although I was unfamiliar with a lot of the programs and processes that were discussed because I was new to the company, I was able to ask questions and get answers about things I didn’t know. In addition, other GM’s pulled me aside to explain things to me in more detail during breaks and after class. This made me able to get a good understanding about programs like StarRez, SharePoint and ILoveLeasing before I started working at my village.

Our trainer Gwendolyn Owens (Gwen) was wonderful! She was very lively and full of energy. She allowed us to interact with each other by incorporating group activities during the training. I truly enjoyed participating in this because it enabled me to network and meet other CLV employees, and to learn different ways of solving problems that I may encounter at my village. She utilized the “boot camp” theme and created a fun and spirited chant that we yelled out at different times during training.

Gwen also paid attention to the needs of her audience. On day one of our training, she gave us the floor to discuss what we would like to receive from the training and to develop some ground rules. One of the ground rules that we developed was; respecting the schedule. Gwen did an excellent job in making sure that we stayed within schedule and that training concluded each day in a timely manner.

At CLV, it truly take a village. During the GM Boot Camp, CLV employees from different departments and diverse parts of the world came together to make this training a success. In addition, the GMs and AGMs who attended contributed a great deal to its success by participating, asking relevant questions and sharing their knowledge with others. I look at CLV as the child that our villages have to work collaboratively to raise up and continuously make successful. The GM Boot Camp Training reflected this teamwork and collaborative environment throughout.