Bootcamp Perspective – Angela Neal

Over a year ago we started on our Hero’s Journey within CLVus. An opportunity to refocus, re-establish and strengthen our CREATE Values. For me, GM Boot Camp was a week of actively living out our values. Through our collaboration we actively participated in Community. Through our ground rules we showed one another Respect. Through the diversity of voices; from new to old, from AGM to GM, we exemplified Equality. Through our conversation and training we practiced Accountability. Through the safe space that was created for feedback we developed Trust. Through rousing chants (ARMY 722!!), step and simply being together we grew our Enthusiasm.

GM Boot Camp was a week of collaboration; an opportunity for each of us to bring our skills to the table and talk with one another and our trainers about our individual experience. The week was designed around the items we (GMs) had asked for training on and there was opportunity for learning and feedback regarding what is or is not working at our Villages. Gwen and her team did an exceptional job planning out the week and incorporating fun activities for the information to not be lectured, but to be experienced.
While we may have the same roles from one village to another, we all have a different vantage point based on the size of our village, the demographics we work with, and the issues driving the daily needs. I am constantly amazed at the skills and experiences that each of us bring to the table, the insight that, when brought together, enables us to accomplish great and incredible things. This oneness and collaboration was felt, lived and grown at GM Boot Camp.
To Gwen and her team, the presenters, and those who prepared trainings: Thank you. That week was valuable beyond words. You helped strengthen and empower us as leaders during Boot Camp and have sent us back to grow our teams and to help us be the leaders we are called to be in the Villages. To my colleagues, thank you for bringing your best, for asking challenging questions, for providing feedback, for teaching and supporting one another, especially me. To the AGMs and the new GMs: Thank you for showing up, stepping up, for making your voice heard and being a part of the team. Together we are unstoppable.