CLVTVau takes on an intern

The CLV marketing team in AU successfully carried out its very first marketing intern program in late February, appointing one lucky Resident Assistant (RA) to join the media team around the country for the filming of CLVTV: O’Week 2017.

The challenge was for RAs around Australia to submit a video ‘audition’, explaining why they were the perfect candidate to present on-camera for the major bi-annual project. RAs were encouraged to put their most creative foot forward and pitch themselves in less than one minute.

“We were very happy with the response from our RAs. Overall we had roughly 12 audition videos to consider, and the range was impressive,” says Amy McClelland, “At the end of the day it came down to two applicants with equally charismatic submissions.”

James Coates from the University of New South Wales Village was chosen as the lucky winner, view his audition video below.



James set out on the road to begin filming O’Week in villages all around Australia. Visiting Perth, the Gold Coast and Melbourne, the internship allowed James to cast his net wide within the CLVau community, but also spend time sharpening his camera skills under the tutelage of resident videographer, Ibnu Zein.

“It was more than a media internship for me, it was really like a life building experience,” said James, “It was an incredible experience, I was extremely lucky, and I’m really proud that I got everything out of it that I could. I’m really proud I did that.”

Given the high response from RAs across the country, the highly successful internship program has cast a light onto perhaps CLV’s most untapped source of energy and potential, our Resident Assistants.

“This affords some exciting opportunities because it shows us that RAs, and by extension, residents, are eager to become heavily involved in our projects when there is a skill they can take away from it,” says Amy “it’s exciting to consider what we can offer our RAs, but also where we can take things creatively.”


Watch CLVTV: O’Week 2017 here!