Committing to mental well-being in the UK

As a business that works with young adults at a key period in their lives and has staff worldwide, supporting wellbeing and good mental health is close to our hearts.

CLVuk’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative, CLV Communities, is taking its commitment to supporting mental health even further this year, by dedicating £1 per bed (from the £6 per bed CSR budget) towards awareness, support initiatives and training.

This dedicated funding represents an increase over the UK’s previous CSR funding commitment of £5 per bed established since 2012. With over 13,400 beds (including beds under development) in the UK, the additional funds will offer a significant boost to CLVuk’s mental health support fund and will increase over time as the business grows. The additional £1 per bed will be used exclusively to encourage positive well-being in villages and at our Village Central support offices in London and Manchester.

“CLV Communities was established with the intention of ensuring corporate social responsibility and philanthropic activities were meaningful, strategic and aligned with our values,” said CLVuk’s CEO, Richard Gabelich. “I am extremely proud of the work that the team has done so far to support initiatives and charities such as The Carers Trust, 42nd Street, Young Enterprise, the National Youth Theatre and other fundraising events at our villages and Village Central Office locations. This is in addition to the other fantastic work CLV Communities is doing in the UK, including supporting our two-day-a-year staff volunteering scheme, charity match funding, resident bursaries and student-focused sustainability campaigns to name a few.”

“1 in 5 people are affected by mental health at some point in their life and there is a disturbing trend of increased incidents in students that we need to take seriously but respond to in the right way. It’s important for us as a business to offer our staff the support they need, and make sure that they and our residents feel comfortable discussing any struggles they may be facing. This extra funding is being put towards supporting events happening at villages, training of CLVuk staff in mental health awareness or residents requiring mental health support.”



Discover Guide Dogs was a recent, highly successful initiative implemented at UK villages in 2016, designed to reduce stress and anxiety during the busy exam period. Guide Dogs UK visited a number of villages for a day of activities, demonstrations and the obligatory cuddle. The free events will continue into 2017, with students asked to make a donation to support the charity.