Enhancing your NetSuite experience


With the completion of the global rollout of the NetSuite Purchase Order System, the focus of the ICT team has turned to improving the user experience.

Enhancements include:

  • Updating the value of the Actuals in the line items to reflect the current General Ledger value and all approved Purchase Orders until the end of the current financial year. This will give users a clearer indication of the current standing against budget for each account.
  • Uploading attachments to purchase orders, such as a quote, email correspondence or other files. This will ensure that documents are kept in one place and can be referred to by the approver. Instructions can be viewed here.
  • Items are now able to be marked received by the approver of the Purchase Order, instead of just the person who raised it.

The ICT team are working on several more key functional enhancements to be delivered in the coming months.

For more information on NetSuite, or to provide your feedback, please email barry.jung@clv.com.au.