Excellence in Student Experience


The University of Canterbury has won the Excellence in Student Experience award at the international AACUHO awards dinner in Hobart, Australia. The award was presented on 9 May, and was received by UCA for its Healthy Learning Community programme for first-year students at University Hall student accommodation in 2016.


The University’s Executive Director of Student Services and Communications, Lynn McClelland, congratulated the Village team on the win.


“This international award is a testament to the partnership we have developed over the past 10 years, working together to give our students the best introduction to student life at UC.”


Pictured: UCA Village Manager, Anna Williams, with their AACUHO Award


Initiatives that contributed to the success of the night included recruiting more RA’s for their key academic and tutoring skills as well as other strengths and interests, such as sport and drama. The Village team harnessed these strengths for ResLife events and inter-hall contests. Alongside a bolstered events calendar was the RA’s closer involvement with the University of Canterbury’s Student Support and Development Teams, ultimately connecting UCA student residents with many university services.


Please join us in congratulating Anna and the entire Village team for their phenomenal achievement!