Global communications in a snap!

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With staff across four regions, six countries and over 50 campuses worldwide, ensuring that we are able to reach, inform and update staff on important business information is a big task.

Traditionally this has been done by email. But let’s face it – not everyone reads every email they receive. At many of our villages, facilities staff, cleaners and resident assistants often don’t have direct access to a computer while at work.

Enter SnapComms. The innovative internal communications software is designed to send employees the right message at the right place and the right time, whether they are at their computers or out and about.

SnapComms has been implemented globally across CLV, and is currently being installed on all work computers. The SnapComms mobile app, which is available on Android, Apple and Windows phones, will also allow you to receive important notifications on your phone, including emergency alerts.

“SnapComms is a great step up from depending solely on email,” said Barry Jung, Global Business Systems Manager. “It will help you stay informed on company news and ensure that you never miss important information and alerts. Don’t worry, we have strict guidelines in place to ensure that notifications are always relevant. With certain business notifications being sent as alerts, you can also expect to see a reduction in emails and a clearer inbox.”

So what next?

The good news is that SnapComms will be loaded to your computer automatically. There is nothing you need to do to receive notifications on your CLV desktop or laptop.

To ensure you receive important alerts wherever you are, please download the SnapComms app to your mobile. Find your download instructions here.

Look out for your first notification coming your way shortly!