Hero’s Spotlight

Hero’s Spotlight: Carlos Abarca

January’s Hero Spotlight shines on Carlos Abarca, Director of Business Analytics and Reporting. His father moved his young family from Costa Rica to the United States when Carlos was 2 years old with no expectation or surety of success to try to give his family a better life. Throughout his childhood, Carlos observed through his father, the relationship between hard work and achievement. This early experience continues to influence him.

Carlos joined CLV in February of 2014 and works out of the Downtown Clubhouse in Houston. He earned an MBA from the University of Houston and uses that knowledge to coordinate various financial processes, such as budget forecasts and annual budget development, and creates financial reports that help CLV make informed decisions. He is currently working to refine the newly implemented Purchase Order process, a project in which he collaborated with several General Managers and village staff.

Carlos began his professional life working for major restaurant chains and was recognized for his talent in turning around under-preforming restaurants that suffered from poor culture and low staff morale. He later spent some time working for Continental Airlines where he was able to use his accounting degree. Prior to joining CLV, Carlos worked in finance for Service Corp International. Carlos stated, “I believe my strongest skills is my work ethic.  I take a lot of pride in my work ethic and doing whatever it takes to get the job done”.

Carlos is passionate about excellence and loves to have fun at work. He can always be counted on to raise the energy by tossing ping pong balls when things get too serious. He is a true colleague who is always willing to listen and provide support. In addition to looking for ways to make work life enjoyable, Carlos sets an example for others. “I work very hard and am very passionate about getting the job done.  There have been countless late nights and pots of coffee as I write out SQL code to create a report in my spare time to make CLV better”.

When he is not crunching numbers, Carlos is a renaissance man. He likes to surf, play sports like basketball, tennis, golf, and flag football. When not playing sports, he enjoys reading, drawing, and playing with his dog Yoshi. He is also highly competitive, disciplined and dedicated as evidenced by his habit of lifting weights six days per week. He gives back to the local community by coaching a traveling tournament girls’ softball team.

It’s folks like Carlos that contribute to making CLV a great place to work and a successful company. Thanks Carlos, for all you do!