Hero’s Spotlight

Hero’s Spotlight: Delores Barlow

Do you ever stop to take a moment and realize how honored, blessed, and privileged you are to work with the people you work with?  When asked about working with Delores Barlow in this month’s Hero Spotlight, several colleagues used those very words.

Delores has been part of the CLV team for 2 years as the document controller.  As many of us in the company, Delores is not just the document controller but has also taken on the role of lead auditor. If you have not met her yet, stayed tuned as she will be dropping by your property soon.

When you meet her you will see her vibrant, delightful personality radiate in her every action. Delores is a woman of her faith as the Bible is her favorite book. Brian Fox exclaims, “Delores is a living, breathing example of our core CREATE values. If the business needs to get something done, she’s the first to raiser her hand.” It is always nice to come to work when you enjoy the team you are working with.  When I asked Roy Hall about Delores he stated that, “It is nice working with people when they have a desire to do something and do it well.”  The more I asked about Delores, the more I hear words like funny, strong, committed, energetic, humorous, friendly, generous, and over all a caring person.  Though her favorite food is Soul Food, she likes to try new things when traveling just to explore her taste buds.  She hales from Plainfield, New Jersey, and transitioned to Houston years ago, having to give up her snow shovel and winter coat. Kristin Berry finds courage from Delores because, “She doesn’t let life get in the way, she keeps her faith and has a positive attitude no matter what she may face.”  Some of the members in the down town clubhouse are merely just a name as we do not get the opportunity to cross paths often. However, Delores Barlow will be passing by to see you soon and become a familiar face! Prepare to show her your village as she is eager to learn about the business and its operation at every village.

Once she stops by, I am sure you will feel as lucky and thankful to have met and worked with her as all of those who contributed to this article. Delores you are truly a blessing to those you work with and thank you for following your path to Houston!