ICT Tips


Malware is software–a computer program–used to perform malicious actions. In fact, the term malware is a combination of the words malicious and software. Cyber criminals install malware on your computers or devices to gain control over them or gain access to what they contain. Once installed, these attackers can use malware to spy on your online activities, steal your passwords and files, or use your system to attack others


How to protect against Malware

There are several ways to protect against Malware, one of those is use of a antivirus, CLV has System Center EndPoint install on all PC’s. But this is not 100% fool proof, so by follow the simple steps below, this will help keep our CLV Network protected.

  • Watch out for misleading messages that they ask you to play or download something like a game, video or music. They usually download with the game a little malware that will infect your pc.
  • Never click on email you don’t know the sender
  • There are also these malware that are fake anti-spyware like Security tool. They claim that your computer is infected and ask you to buy that software to get rid of the viruses. Of course this is a lie, your computer is only infected by itself.
  • Last if you have doubts about something like a software, reach out to you ICT department for assistances.