In Memorium

David Sherrill passed away on February 18, 2017. David was many things. To us here at CLV he was the maintenance supervisor for TSTC, a position he had been in for three years. But beyond that he was a father, a husband, and a grandfather. He was a military veteran who had a career painting airplanes. He loved corvettes and he loved to ride Harleys.

Randall Logan, the GM at UTA who hired David when he was at TSTC described him as someone with a great sense of humor and a strong work ethic. A stable authority figure who earned respect from everyone who knew him. A guy who always came early and stayed late. In the last few years that expression may have become cliché, but it became cliché because of people like David Sherrill. He lived the idea that if you did a job you did it right. Said Randall, “When I came to TSTC my philosophy was do it once and do it right, and David really bought into that.”

Longtime members of CLV know that TSTC has had a renaissance of sorts in the last few years. A property with a reputation of having some issues has really turned around. And Randall and current GM of TSTC Brian Cole both credit David with being a crucial part of that turnaround.

“David always took pride in the property,” said Brian, “And he conveyed that to his {staff}. He was a cornerstone for us. A bridge between office staff and maintenance.”

Both said David had a great relationship with the residents. “In some ways they saw him as a father or grandfather figure.”  He looked out for residents but also tried to hold them accountable. He tried to teach them to take pride in their where they lived.

“He would try to teach them life lessons,” Said Brian, “just because your parents may be paying your bills doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat it like your home.”

“His loss creates a huge void for the property” said Brian. And the same can be said for CLV and everyone who knew David.