Letter from the Editor

We’ve done pretty well at my site. I believe we are example of how real partnerships and community create a special environment for students to thrive in. I have had the privilege of working with talented staff and appreciate the recognition we received. But my proudest moment with this company was last year when we won the Mili Arguello Award for Best Residence Life Program.

Mili was part of the Century/CLV family for a long time. She worked in many different roles and had a huge impact on who we are as a company. She also had a huge impact on a lot of people in this company including myself. She hired me as a GM for this company and was a major mentor for me as I learned how to run a site while staying true to who I was as a student affairs professional. She remained a mentor and friend to me up until her passing, and I still use things she taught me and try to think about what she would do in certain situations when I am making my own choices.

Mili believed in students. She believed in residence life. And she believed you could meet the obligations of privatized housing while still holding on to those values. Mili was intelligent, she was funny, she cared about others and above all she was a fighter. Whether it was fighting to keep money for her sites or battling cancer she never backed down when it was important. She taught me how to balance the different demands of our job, how to pick my battles and how to work towards my goals in ways that were beneficial for myself, the company and the school.

When it came to residence life, she along with others, fought for it and stressed its importance even during periods where others did not always agree with her. She knew that a good residence life program can be a foundation for success because it is important to the University and can have an impact on your residents.

Mili passed away 3 years ago this month. I still miss her and think about her often. As we move forward to decide what our company culture is going to be, it is important to remember who we were and how we got here. It’s also important to make sure we get rid of the things we need to move past, while holding on to those aspects that were and are positive. And for me, Mili is a huge representative of the things we need to retain and incorporate into our new identity.