Message from the CEO

Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of our Global Newsletter – ‘Inside CLV’. It is always pleasing to review the articles before this newsletter goes to press and to see the great work that is happening in all our regions.

Once again it’s been an incredibly busy couple of months with business planning and the budget process well and truly underway for 2018 and I want to in particular thank our finance teams across all our regions for their hard work during this process.

The second cohort of Elev8 met in London in the last week of April – this was the final stage of their journey and it is inspiring to hear how beneficial this program has been and the impact it has made on their day to day working lives. Having the ability to learn from each other and to have the opportunity to work with and hear from other leaders within the business throughout this program is invaluable.


Elev8 2


Congratulations to our second cohort who have now graduated from Elev8 in May 2017:

  • Matthew Cartwright – CLVus – UOT Arlington
  • Michelle Barbridge – CLVnz – Massey Manawatu
  • Travis Merine – CLVus – Centennial Court
  • Matthew Ross – CLVuk – Leeds University Village
  • Liam Riley – CLVau – UNSW Village
  • Jessica Thrash – CLVus – Houston HQ

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Doris Collins and Jackie Hughes who have spearheaded this program from the beginning and for their passion and dedication to this project over the last three years.

We are aware of the interest in how the sale process is progressing, as you can imagine this is quite a complex process, with many stakeholders contributing to the outcome.

At this stage the process is ongoing and continues to be evaluated by our investors. We will continue to provide you with updates as information comes to hand and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Keep up all the hard work and on behalf of the Global Executive Team a heartfelt thanks for all you do.