Message from the Executive Team

Click play to watch a message from Michael Heffernan (CEO, CLVnz and CLVau), Chris Neate (Commercial and Finance Director, CLVnz) and Rob Di Qual (Global Head of Development).

Michael Heffernan

Hi everyone, and welcome to the March 2017 CLV Update. I’m speaking to you today from University Hall at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

Over the past three months we have welcomed more than 14,000 students into our villages across Australia and New Zealand. We only get one shot at a first impression, and I have been very pleased at the level of planning and execution that’s gone into the pre-arrival and arrival experience for our residents.

I had the pleasure of spending Arrival Day at University Hall at the University of Canterbury – meeting parents, carrying bags to rooms and working alongside our dedicated village and head office staff. It was a great back-to-the-floor experience for me, and one that opened my eyes to the endless opportunity we have to continually evolve and improve the welcome experience right across our portfolio.

Continuing our focus on the employee experience, Senior Village Management from both sides of the Tasman gathered in Sydney in late March to workshop engagement initiatives and continue to enhance their Village Action Plans arising out of the Gallup Employee Engagement survey conducted globally by CLV late last year. I can assure you that the leaders in our business are fully committed to pursuing initiatives to improve the employee experience. The most effective way we can do that is by gathering feedback from our staff, and I encourage you all to continue to share your thoughts and ideas with your line managers, about how we can best improve the employee experience at your village or at your head office.

As usual, there is plenty going on in our business at the moment. There’s more information on the regions to follow, but for now, thanks very much for all your hard work, and I look forward to seeing you out on site soon.

Chris Neate

Hi everyone, as always the past few months have been a busy time for everyone. Our newest village, Kirkwood Avenue Hall, was mobilised and opened in early February. The newly renovated hall of 74 beds is managed by CLV on behalf of the University of Canterbury. Combined with the existing 5 villages here in Canterbury, this now totals 1,762 beds that we operate under the banner of UC Accommodation.

An Operations mini conference was also held on the 17th and 18th of January, where village leaders workshopped strategies to help improve the student experience in 2017, and also increase employee engagement.

A training session on youth engagement also took place which will help complement the customer service training that was rolled out at the end of January. The annual budget and business plan process kicked off in the first week of January when the New Zealand executives got together to discuss and develop the business plan here in New Zealand, that will help support the strategic goals that we rolled out to you in September last year as part of the Roadshow.

I know a number of you have been involved in the budget process at village level over the past couple of months. The budget process is an indepth one and a very important one that takes place across the global business at this time each year. New Zealand budgets themselves are almost complete with the next stage being consolidation of those budgets and presentation to head office before they are approved by the Board and come into effect from 1 July. A big thank you to everyone involved in the process so far.

And finally from me, a quick update on the Otago Polytechnic project which is due to open February 2018. Construction on the 231-bed facility is now well and truly underway and it’s full of innovative ideas and building techniques that have not been seen in New Zealand before. It is truly an exciting project for CLV to be involved with and I can’t wait till its open.

That’s it from me and I’ll see you on site soon.

Rob Di Qual

Hello everyone. The Development team is currently busy working away on a number of new developments across both Australia and New Zealand. In the last number of months, we have submitted over five bids and we’re looking to go to a number of new tenders in the coming months. Regarding the market in general, we are seeing a number of new competitors coming into the market. And they’re getting capital from the US, the UK, Europe and Asia, and they’re all directing it towards student accommodation. From CLV’s perspective, we are focussing on the on-campus market but we are also looking at off-campus opportunities and we recently looked at one in New Zealand. With any new development, we want to ensure that we keep the hallmarks of our existing strategy. We want to be close to campus and we want to develop a relationship with the university.

A new emerging trend that we’re seeing with many universities is that they want to develop urban innovation precincts. In these precincts they want to bring together student accommodation, academia and also private industry. We see this as an exciting opportunity for CLV and we’re participating in these new developments.

The Universities Australia conference was recently held in Canberra in March. At this conference, CLV hosted a table at a dinner at Parliament House, in which we had several VCs (Vice Chancellors) and university executives at our table. It provided us a great opportunity to network with these people and others at the event, in order to help develop future opportunities for CLV.

From the Development team, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we’re going to win a number of these new opportunities that are coming to market, and that we can help grow the business to provide opportunities not only for CLV, but for our staff.