Message from the Executive Team

Click play to watch a message from Michael Heffernan (CEO, CLVnz and CLVau), Justine Cooper (Global Head of Marketing) and Melanie James (General Manager Human Resources, CLVnz)

Michael Heffernan

Hi everyone and welcome to the September CLV Update, coming to you today from the beautiful Hawkesbury Campus at Western Sydney University.

It’s been another busy few months for our business. In early August it was great to catch up with the Australian Village Management team at the Annual Village Conference in Manly. The Conference covered a range of topics, including the launch of the first tranche of CLV’s global Standard Operating Procedures.

It was a really productive week, culminating in CLV Australia’s first ever Gala Awards Night. The New Zealand Village Conference is just around the corner and Simon Hickey and I look forward to seeing the management team in Auckland next week.

In late August I was proud to take the New Zealand Regional Executive Team on a Business Plan Roadshow. Not only did we share the business plan and 3-Year Strategic Goals with our teams in Auckland, Palmerston North, Wellington and Christchurch, but it also provided us with an opportunity to hear about the terrific initiatives that our staff are putting in place at their villages to help make CLV a better place for our residents to live, and a better place for our staff to work.

The Australian Business Plan Roadshow kicks off at the end of this month, so keep an eye out for a session coming near you.

Well that’s all from me. Justine and Melanie have more exciting news about what’s happening across Australia and New Zealand. Thanks again for all of your hard work everyone and I look forward to seeing you all out on site again soon.

Justine Cooper

Hi there, my name’s Justine Cooper. I’m the new Global Head of Marketing based in Sydney, Australia. But today, I’m at Murdoch University Village here in Western Australia.

I’ve met the team here. They are doing some really great things and I’m excited to see the other villages in Western Australia.

Lots and lots of great things happening in marketing at the moment. I’ve been in the role for about 4 months now and it’s great to be part of the team.

We’ve got some really exciting initiatives in research going on at the moment. You would have all participated in the annual resident survey which has just gone out to 8,000 people. And we’ve received about 3,500 responses so we’re really happy with that. That information really helps us understand what we’re doing right, what we’re doing wrong and what we can improve on. And we’re looking forward to sharing those results with you in the coming months.

We’ve also got a major global research study that’s going to help us gain insights into the student experience. What are some of those key drivers that help a student understand what sort of decisions they make in choosing accommodation. And it’ll also help us understand what we need to do with some of our future developments.

Some of the great things we’re doing in marketing is we’re looking at our Short Stays and Summer Stays program. That’s starting to be a really key part of our business strategy and over the coming months we’re going to look at some of the marketing initiatives we can put in place to grow that business as well.

Back in October 2015, we launched the new websites. They are a beautiful piece of work and they really position Campus Living Villages at the forefront of student accommodation. We want to make sure they are really working efficiently. So over the coming weeks we are going to start doing some work on what we call search engine optimisation. We have recently appointed an agency in the UK called Search Laboratory. Search Laboratory are really clever people and they are going to help us increase traffic to our websites, make sure that we’re getting those leads in the door and ultimately helping you convert them.

And finally, there’s lots and lots of great things going on in the villages at the moment. I know you’re all really busy. You’ve got your reapplication campaigns, you’ve got your retention campaigns, you’re really busy with Open Days. We’re really excited about the coming year ahead.

Any feedback you can give us in marketing about what’s working, what’s not working, what we can do better… Please get in touch with us. We really welcome your feedback. Give me a call or email me at And I look forward to talking with you soon.

Melanie James

Hi everyone, my name is Melanie James, and for those who haven’t met me I am the General Manager of Human Resources in New Zealand. It’s great to be speaking to you today from our Sydney Corporate Office.

Since I joined CLV earlier this year I have been impressed by the fantastic people in our team across New Zealand as well as other regions, by the passion and commitment I have seen, and the care in which you take to ensuring our residents and customers have a great CLV experience.

It is fantastic to hear many of you say that one of the great things about being part of this company is our people. I have seen the CREATE values in action and the care you show our residents. So, thank you for all for the great work you do.

Today I’d like to share with you what we are working towards in the people and HR space over the next few months and year. For many of you we have recently completed performance reviews, which included setting objectives and discussing development for the coming year. Now the review process is complete, the focus turns towards planning and working towards some of the development goals that you discussed with your manager during the year.

So over the coming months we will be encouraging your manager to discuss and plan with you priority development activities for you. We will also look to collate some common training needs across the teams this year and look to provide group training approaches as well where this is possible.

One recent success we’ve had is our Massey Manawatu Residential Services team who were recently nominated by the University for a Staff Service Excellence Award. This is the first CLV team in New Zealand that we know of to have been recognised by a University in this way. So well done team!

In New Zealand and Australia we are working on refreshing the V-Star Awards, so you will see this implemented over the coming months. We will also be reviewing recognition programs and approaches to step up our focus on recognising individuals and teams.

But for us to get really good at recognition and feeling recognised, we all need to remember to take time often to thank and celebrate each others’ great work. I’d encourage you all in the next week to recognise or thank one of your colleagues for what they have done recently, and tell them why you thought they did a great job.

Finally I’d just like to say the Exec team are always open to new ideas and continuous improvement, so please let me, or your manager, or one of the RET team know if you have any great ideas for new people initiatives you think would make a difference.

Thank you for your time today and I hope you have many things to celebrate over the coming months.