Message from the executive team

Click play to watch a message from Michael Heffernan (CEO, CLVnz and CLVau), Shelly Peebles (Director of Marketing, CLVnz) and Shannon O’Connor (Director of Operations, CLVau)

Michael Heffernan

Hi everyone and welcome to the December CLV Update. I’m speaking to you today from Macquarie University Village in Sydney where work has commenced on a $1m refurbishment project to upgrade the quality of accommodation for our residents here on the West Side of the Village.

Well, it’s been another eventful quarter for our business. Shortly after midnight on 14 November a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck the South Island of New Zealand at Kaikoura – about 150km north of Christchurch. Fortunately none of our staff or residents were injured in the earthquake and our properties only sustained minor damage, but it’s what happened following the earthquake that I really want to commend our staff for.

In Wellington, Te Puni Village was used as civil defence emergency accommodation for up to 200 affected residents arriving following the earthquake. Further south in Christchurch, our teams at UCA Village and our Corporate Head Office team banded together to host 125 people who had been evacuated from Kaikoura by helicopter and ship.

Now this is a tremendous example of true Kiwi spirit – pulling together to help those in need whilst our staff were still coming to terms with their own personal earthquake experience. I’d like to thank each and every one of you who were involved in the earthquake response – both in the immediate response looking after each other and our residents, and shortly thereafter in pulling together to cater for the needs of those most affected.

In other news, 2017 let-up is in full swing across both sides of the Tasman, with both regions performing in line with prior year occupancy rates. We’re seeing huge demand for our First Year V1 program at University Hall in Christchurch where first preferences are up 20% year on year.

Here in Australia, UNSW Village continues to beat its own let up records, this year filling in the middle of October for 2017. For a 1,000 bed facility that is a remarkable effort. Congratulations to the team at UNSW Village and at the Customer Contact Village as well.

Finally I’d like to thank each and every one of you for a terrific 2016, and to wish you and your loved one a happy and safe festive season. I look forward to seeing you all out on site in the New Year, for what I’m sure will be another successful and exciting year for Campus Living Villages.

Shelly Peebles

Hi everybody. Coming to you from the beautiful Sonoda Village campus here at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch. It has been a really exciting year and I can’t believe that it’s almost time for Christmas.

At our recent Village Conference our theme was TOGETHER WE’RE BETTER so one of the objectives we had this year was to make sure that we had a lot more opportunities for us all to communicate internally both between the villages and across the regional offices. This quarterly newsletter is one of those initiatives. It’s packed full of information and updates for you. It’s great to see your contributions, photos and shout outs to your colleagues who are doing great things.

Don’t forget to check out the Newsfeed on Sharepoint to see what’s happening around the world. Villages from all over are posting what they’re doing and there are some great ideas.

With the academic year now finished all the villages are getting ready for a really busy Summer season. The marketing campaigns started back in August and we’re really pleased with the results we’re getting. The web traffic is up to our Campus Summer Stays website and also to our new Campus Summer Stays Facebook page.

I am pleased to welcome Robin Howison to the team in the role of Marketing Executive across New Zealand. One of his key projects will be the further development of our digital strategy.

Last year we introduced the new website global platform at UCA and this year we are looking to roll out new websites for Te Puni, Everton, Waitakiri and Kirkwood, with AUT and Massey coming early next year.

In September we conducted the annual resident’s survey across all of our villages. The results of this survey and the survey results from our First Impressions survey that we ran at the beginning of the year, will be reviewed and action plans put together so we can see what we’re doing right and where we can make improvements. It’s always really important to make sure that we continuously improve and this information is wonderful feedback for us.

That’s all from me. It’s been great working with you and here’s to an awesome 2017.

Shannon O’Connor

Today I’m in Bowral where we have held a meeting with the General Managers of the Villages. I am very proud of this team of people and the pride that they have for all of the Villages that they are responsible for is truly great to see.

We have spent our time this week looking into the Australian Villages in depth. We’ve been seeing how we can work together more effectively and achieve our strategic goals. It’s been a very valuable and meaningful thing to do, and from my perspective it’s been an important step in making what is a wonderful team of people into a brilliant team of people.

2016 has been, for many of us, a fast moving period and the end of the year is a great opportunity to look back on what we’ve actually done and what we’ve achieved.

From my perspective, I would like to look at some of the important results that we collected from our customers – the residents who choose to live with us across all of our Villages here in Australia.

The importance of the student experience is both front and centre to our operations. The commitment of our people in its delivery is the most important factor in getting this critical piece right. Every year we conduct our Annual Resident Survey to see how we are performing in all areas of our product and operations, and I wanted to take the time to go through some of the results with you today.

The Average Customer Satisfaction level in 2016 rose by 1.6% to 82.5% showing important progress to the key strategic goal area where our target’s 90%. We’ll continue to focus on customer service through our training and Student Experience model to make sure these wonderful results keep on going.

The Overall Village Experience rose 3.3% to 77.3% which is another fantastic result. This indicates that we are improving across a number of areas such as residential life, communications, but most importantly it shows that we have a winning, positive attitude!

As an old marketeer, there is another result that has really stood out this year, and it’s important for us. The likelihood of students recommending the village to friends really leapt by 9.3% to 63.8% in total. This is a result we should all be proud of as it builds a great reputation for Campus Living Villages in the student accommodation sector and that’s something that I think we all want to see.

Ultimately, these results reflect the collective hard work and dedication of our entire workforce, and that is something that all of us are just so grateful for.

Have a great Christmas, take care of those people who mean the most to you, and most importantly, come back in 2017 because we have a really exciting time ahead of us. All the very best over the festive season.