NZ Welcomes New Residents

Each January the New Zealand teams begin preparation for the official day in early February when new residents arrive at the village and transition from living at home to living in university accommodation – Move In day.

Capturing the anticipation and excitement of Move In day and the following O-Week, two new highlight videos have been launched featuring Uni Hall at UCA Student Village and AUT’s Akoranga Student Village;



Move In Day is treated as a special event across the country and with 550 first year residents moving into Uni Hall, the team ensure every step is designed to embrace the new residents and set the scene for positive community engagement during the year.

Greeted by banners, friendly staff, welcome games, a free lunch and information on the V1 – First Year Uni student experience program, Uni Hall’s new students and the parents that accompanied them certainly had an experience to remember!

“Having the village full with new residents is exciting!” said Community Manager, Jenna Lockhart, who worked with her Resident Assistant team to start the year with a range of exciting V1 and O-Week events.

“V1 is all about being the best version of yourself. There is so much learning that you do in the first few weeks when you’re coming to university. It’s really important that we support our residents and give them the best start and the skills to actually succeed at university and at life,” she said.

Parents and students agree. “It’s been awesome,” said Paul, whose son Joe had just moved in to the village. “This morning’s been brilliant. The energy in the place is phenomenal.”

New Uni Hall resident, Joe, admitted he was nervous but excited. “Bit of a sleepless night last night, but getting over it,” he said.

“The Uni Hall team checked in about 400 people on Move In day, and with all of the parents who accompanied them, there would have been about 700 – 800 people through the village today.”

“I am really proud of all the staff and the hard work they put in to the day,” said Anna Williams, Village Manager. “The residents are all looking forward to getting involved in the community and starting their university career.”

Produced by the CLV marketing team, including CLVTV Host Amy McClelland, the videos will be featured on CLV digital channels and used to highlight village life at roadshows and open days.