RA Yearbook

Congrats to all of our RAs who graduate this May! We wish them much luck in their future careers!

Iyana Admasu

Studio Green
Hometown – Philadelphia, PA
Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences

Future Plans:
Receive a masters before enrolling in a school of veterinary medicine.

Favorite Village Memory:
When the team was out to promote the village by handing out flyers and got UDairy ice cream after.



Aina Alleyne
University Forest
Hometown: Dominica
Major: Communication

Future Plans: Event Planning and working with non-profit organizations

Favorite Village Memory:  The memories are too numerous to mention, but the one that stands out the most would have to be the Welcome Back events where a huge group of diverse individuals meet for the first time and socialize. I also enjoyed the Earth Hour event in March mainly because of what it symbolizes, which is encouraging individuals to turn-off all non-essential lights for one hour as a commitment to the planet.  I will truly and deeply miss UFA. ​ ​

Nathan “Cole” BaggettNathan Cloe Baggett
Hunt and Martin Halls
Hometown: Abilene, TX

Academic Major:  Sociology

Future Plans:  My future plans are to attend University of Texas at Arlington with a concentration in applied sociology. I aspire to be a professor and/or social researcher that studies class inequalities through the family structure.

Favorite Village Memory:  My favorite village memory is my 2016-2017 experience as an RA. The staff, my coworkers, training, and participating in intramural sports with my residents have made my year truly monumental.


Vanni Brighella
Hometown: Florence, Italy

Major: Animation and Visual Effects – 3D modeling

Future Plans: My future plan is to find a right or at least a good place where I can start my new career as 3D modeler and texture artist. I am not afraid to move around the world. I am open to experience new opportunities and new places. I also want to be able to know as many artists as I can and learn from them new techniques and workflow. Keep learning is the key to succeeding, so it is going to be my landmark.

Favorite Village Memory: I have so many great memories as everyone at Art U. It is not an easy task to remember the best or at least the favorite. The entire experience has been stunning, I was not expecting something like this ever. Months and days have been flying during the time I have been a Resident Assistant at Art U, and now that it is almost over it is hard to leave. I have accomplished my dreams. I have been a guide for people who appreciated the time I spent for them, I fought my fears and I went over my stereotypes to be a better human being, I drove my life in the way to be respectful and a good listener, I knew people from all different parts of the world, and I have been part of a community that has made my experience in America unique and absolutely unforgettable.


Lourde CanavatiLourde
Hometown: Bay Area

Major: Game Development

Future Plans:  Job in the game industry as a 3D Artist

Favorite Village Memory: The personal growth that I have attained and the people that I’ve met.


Bailey CarboBailey Carbo
University Oaks
Hometown: Brenham, Texas

Major: Biology

Future Plans: Teach Biology for a university, or work in leasing.

Village Memory: My best memories have definitely all stemmed from developing relationships with other RA’s. I have met some of my best forever friends at University Oaks.



Jamie CattonJamie Catton
Hometown: San Diego, CA

Major: Game Development

Future Plans: Working for AAA Game Company in Seattle, WA

Favorite Village Memory: One of my residents became an RA and when we were talking in staff training, he told me that I was one of the reasons he wanted to be an RA. It made me feel like I was doing my job well and right.




Alan L. Camper Jr.Alan Camper Jr.
Hometown: East Chicago, IN

Major: Game Development, focus: 3D Animation

Future plans: Find a job at a game company on the West Coast.

Favorite Village Memory: I don’t have a singular favorite memory per se. My favorite times have been hanging out with other RA’s, whether they were from my team or another. Because honestly if I wasn’t an RA, I probably wouldn’t have as many friends, if any.


Stephanie ChavezStephanie Chavez
University Oaks
Hometown: El Paso, Texas

Major: Public health

Future Plans: Zookeeper

Village Memory: Meeting my best friend Zakiyyah my freshman year at Oaks. She was an RA and I was applying to be one. We then moved in together and became the best of friends.



Magdalena FischbacherMagdalena Fischbacher
Hometown: Gutau, Austria

Major: Acting

Favorite Village Memory: Debating with the staff what we should get for breakfast during check-ins, just to end up with Bob’s donuts. Every, single, time. Another favorite memory is the feeling of handing off the duty phone at 9am to the next RAOC. 🙂



Kelsey FrazierKelsey Frazier
Hunt and Martin Halls
Hometown:  Lubbock, TX

Major:  English Education, Grades 7-12

Future Plans:  Attend graduate school and study Student Affairs or Counseling.  I plan to pursue a career in Student Affairs.

Favorite Village Memory: My favorite memory has been Resident Assistant training. I love the strong bonds and connections that are created through those weeks. The memories will last a life time for me and I loved every minute of it!



Marie-Pier FrigonMarie-Pier Frigon
Hometown: Montréal, Canada

Major: Photography

Future Plans: Fine Artist/University Instructor/Forensic Photographer

Favorite Village Memory: Training with my staff the semester when RA training theme was space theme! Working on the spaceship design.



Sarah Gaosarah gao
Hometown: Hangzhou, China

Major: MFA Advertising

Future Plans: Use my creativity for good cause.

Favorite Village Memory: Being part of the loving and caring RA community gave me a sense of belonging and helped me grew as a better professional and individual.




Kacey Hunkinskacey hunkins
University Pines
Hometown: Mesa, Arizona

Major: Psychology

Future Plans: I recently enlisted in the Army, and will be shipping off to basic training on May 23rd. I will be active for 3 years and 30 weeks, and go in to the reserves afterwards for almost 5 years. My active duty MOS is Military Intelligence Analyst. The intelligence analyst is primarily responsible for the analysis, processing, and distribution of strategic and tactical intelligence. They are integral to providing Army personnel with information about enemy forces and potential battle areas. My fiance and I have been together for nearly four years, and plan to get married after AIT. I will be completing my Master’s degree in Psychology while I am on active duty. I am excited to serve my country, and look forward to the challenges and opportunities I will inevitably face during this journey!

Favorite Village Memory: My favorite memory as an RA is when myself and a new RA, Tara, got to go to SWACUHO, a large RA conference, that was held in Arkansas. A handful of RAs from the other housing facilities attended as well, so it was like a mini road trip with other RAs. There were over 300 RAs from all over Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and even a few from Mexico. We stayed in a hotel over the weekend, and went to lots of guest speaker lectures and activities that SWACUHO had planned for us. On the last night of SWACUHO, they had planned a dance for all the RAs at the hotel, and Tara and I were getting ready. Tara comes out in a fox onesie with a bright red tutu, and I nearly died! I started singing and dancing with her, and that was such a goofy moment but I’ll always look back at that and smile. It was super fun being a part of something like that, and being able to learn so much to take back to University Pines!

India JarvisIndia Jarvis
Hometown: Parish, New York

Major: Acting Major

Future Plans: Plans to move to New York City to pursue acting.

Favorite Village Memory: Teaching a resident from China how to use the laundry machines. Later the resident gifted me a small Chinese decoration in return to show his thanks.

Toe-Ben KindtToe-Ben Kindt
Village Oaks
Hometown:  Snook, Texas

Major:  Laser Electro Optics

Favorite Village Memory:  Providing excellent customer service to our residents and hosting fun tournaments at our village such as ping pong, pool tournaments, and casino night.




Joseph Payne KimpleJoseph Kimple
Cottages of Lubbock
Hometown: Stephenville, TX

Major: Energy Commerce: Petroleum Land Management

Future Plans: No idea what I am doing with my life just yet

Favorite Village Memory: Just working up here has been one of the best memories, getting to know all the managers and develop friendships and relationships with people I had never met.  Overall, I think just the experience of living and working at the Cottages has been my favorite memory while I have been here.


Katie LiangKatie Liang
Illini Tower
Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Major: Molecular Cellular Biology

Future Plans:  Attending graduate school to study cancer biology.

Favorite Village Memory:  My favorite memory is having fun and getting to know resident during the first bbq of the school year!


Nolan Lowe, Jr.Nolan Lowe
University Place
Hometown: Alexandria, LA

Major:  Biology

Future Plans:  Teach and coach basketball

Favorite Village Memory:  Every memory I have because each one is special to me.  I have made great friends in my time working as an RA for CLV.




Meenshwer Madhu (Meen)Meen Madhu
Hometown: Chennai, India

Major: BFA Fashion Design

Future Plans: I plan to open a fashion store in India and in that store, I will dedicate a corner where customers can buy ice creams that are made by me! The brand name will be “This Meen’s Ice Cream !!” (#YouSeeWhatIDidThere).

Favorite Village Memory: A lot of fun memories, most of the fun time were going out with RAs for ice cream.  Walking down Sutter Street and waving “hello” to residents and students who I know.

Eirin MidtskogseterEirin Midtskogseter
Hometown: Heggedal, Norway

Major: Jewelry & Metal Arts

Future Plans: Wherever the wind takes me! Hopefully to a metal arts studio in New York or Norway.

Favorite Village Memory: Late night bonding and conversations with staff during training & High Ropes Course.



Ajay Reddy NakkalaAjay Reddy
Hometown: Hyderabad, India

Major: Animation and Visual Effects

Future Plans: To work in the Animation Industry.

Favorite Village Memory: My first program, I was scared but ended up having a great time with my residents. I can never forget that day.



Cheyenne OswaltCheyenne Oswalt- RA
University Oaks
Hometown: New Braunfels, Texas

Major: Business Management

Future Plans: TaLK ( Teach and Learn English in Korea)

Village Memory: My favorite memory is when we had a staff outing to Schlitterbahn, and were able to bond with one another while enjoying a day of fun in the sun.

Jose RodriguezJose Rodriquez
Cottages of Lubbock
Hometown: Stephenville, Texas

Major: Management Information Systems

Future Plans: Moving to San Francisco for work.

Favorite Village Memory: Moving in for the first time!



Huda Shahid Huda Shadid
Illini Tower
Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Major:  Community Health

Future Plans:  Attend medical or graduate school

Favorite Village Memory:  Meeting great RA friends and residents!



Memona Shahid (Mona)Memona Shahid
Illini Tower
Hometown:  Chicago, IL

Major: Community Health

Future Plans:  Attending medical or graduate school.

Favorite Village Memory:  My favorite memory was the Press Play event we had. All the residents enjoyed their time and had fun with everything we had planned for them. This event was a great turn out and we even had our own snap chat filter. From all of my memories this is my favorite village memory.

Swetha ShankarSwetha Shankar
University Forest
Hometown: Ndola, Zambia

Major: M.A. in Healthcare Administration and Masters in Business Administration

Future Plans: Work for a rural hospital or healthcare organization

Favorite Village Memory: Preparing for my first Costume Party was a lot of fun. We decorated the clubhouse throughout the week and created a variety of themes for different sections of the clubhouse. The event turned out to be a huge success and I loved every part of it!

Lunder VansaLunder Vansa
University Forest
Hometown:  Moreno Valley, CA

Major:  M.A. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Future Plans:  Corporate Trainer and Organizational Consultant

Favorite Village Memory: My favorite village memories would be the events UFA hosted during the holiday season. I thoroughly enjoyed the Costume Parties in October, the Holiday Potlucks in November, and the light setup and gift wrapping parties in December. UFA really took initiative in bringing students together and giving them a platform to network and socialize while also providing amazing food. Kuddos to UFA!

Renee VerbovenRenee Verboven
University Meadows
Hometown:  Waalre, The Netherlands

Major: Civil Engineering

Future Plans:   Move back to the Netherlands, find an apartment in the city called Delft, start the master in Building Engineering at the University there.  Start playing volleyball, be around my family, buy a puppy and live happily ever after!

Favorite Village Memory:  Mike and Amanda chasing down Kevin Swanson into the shuttle to get everyone to sing happy birthday to him and record it. But honestly all the random happy situations where the residents feel super awkward are my favorite memories.

Maya WalkerMaya Walker
Illini Tower
Hometown:  Bloomington, IL

Major:  Speech Pathology

Future Plans:  Become a Speech Pathologist

Favorite Village Memory: Meeting my best friends.