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Shout Outs are a collection of notes, messages and stories from staff across Australia and New Zealand. From funny to heartwarming, it has fast become one of the most popular sections of our newsletter!

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Suzanne Edwards
UC Accommodation Student Village

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the setting up of Kirkwood Avenue Hall – a first year self-catered hall in Christchurch.  Some significant hours were worked to get the hall ready for move in and I am so proud of the way everyone pitched in and did what needed to be done, resulting in a smooth move-in day for our residents. 


Rita di Nola
CLVau Head Office

We had a great time celebrating “Create the Fun” with the GM’s and RGM’s from both sides of the ditch at the AU/NZ Mini Meet this month! Thanks to all that were involved.


Rita-1 Rita-2 Rita-3


Laura Dunstan
UC Accommodation Student Village

Congrats to Tasha Pinkney (RLO) for having an awesome couple of months!! Scored a placement at a Greek university and then managed to be signed up or “The Adam and Eve show”, an NZ TV show for tweens, to review games and gaming equipment. She’s living the dream!!


Joy Riley and the SCU Village team at Lismore
SCU Village, Lismore campus


Joy Riley 1






We said farewell to our Customer Support Agent Jade Baker on Friday 10th March.

Jade and her partner are leaving the area and embarking on a new journey interstate.

We wish them all the best with their future.

– – – –

We also say farewell to Emma Fountain at the end of March, who has been working as part of the Head Office CLV Legal Team from the SCU Lismore office. Emma has been an amazing support and will be dearly missed by the SCU Village team. We wish her all the best as she moves on to new things.

– – – –

It is with much sadness that we say goodbye to our Village Manager Amoreena Rowe at the end of March. Amoreena has been a very valued and caring part of the team working in various roles including ResLife, Operations and Village Manager for nearly seven years.

Amoreena has made a significant contribution to CLV during this time and we wish her all the best as she moves on to another new and exciting Management Role.

All three of these wonderful ladies will be missed greatly by all.

These are a couple of our fun times together.




Rachel Johnston
UC Accommodation Student Village

Just want to give a shout out to one of our RA’s, Nick.

Being an RA is not easy at the best of times, combined with study, but he is always the first to put his hand up and help or volunteer when we are stuck for staff.

He does it all with a great attitude and nothing is too much of a problem.

He’s a super addition to our team and he deserves a massive thank you!!


Justine Cooper
CLVau Head Office

Following the highly successful Village Bites campaign launched in August last year, the marketing team has developed CLVau’s first national cookbook based on the creations submitted by our celebrity chef Jimmy Wong, and our 5 talented contestants who were selected for our cook-off shoot. Thank you to Amy and Ibnu for their work on this! You can view the full Village Bites video here:


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 11.21.50 am

Christine Wilson
UC Accommodation Student Village

Shout out to all the UH office team who did a fantastic job in covering the office in my absence and for the help they have given me on my return.

Rachel Manson
University of Canberra Village

Shout out to my amazing team at Canberra.
I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you all how very proud of what you have achieved over the last 12months.
Each and everyone one of you continually strive to do your very best in everything you do and never complain.
You embrace being the underdog and the challenges that are presented working at Canberra.
You continually kick goals – we have almost hit 900 beds despite 500 new ones opening on campus! You have absolutely smashed the short stays budget by double.
Most of all you’re a fantastic bunch of people and I miss you when I am in Sydney, you are what I love about my job!
Massive thank you to all of you, I sincerely appreciate each and every one of you.

Rachel Manson


Anna Williams
UC Accommodation Student Village

Am massive shout out to RA Dan and RA Amelia for their superb work spreading the awesome work we do each week to the residents in the weekly Thursday Update.  You’ve made a huge improvement from what it was last year.


Shannon O’Connor
CLVau Head Office



Working with you for nearly 5 years has been absolutely fantastic Fairina! From visiting your jewellery exhibition launch right back in 2012 to watching you use the power of social media to get the Village residents to help you get to New York as a result of your amazing ETSY win, you have made a wonderful contribution to the CLV business. From delivery of many an Annual Review for Global, creating the CLVau Update newsletter and its amazing content through to developing your Adobe skills and taking on more design projects you have achieved wonderful things and have much to be proud of!

Good bye, good luck and stay in touch!


Amy McClelland
CLVau Head Office

Shout out to the CCV! Every time I walk in there they make me laugh and feel good about myself (you know who you are). Affirmations and good vibes! Thanks ladies 😉


Rachel Manson
University of Canberra Village

The entertainment never stops at Canberra.
@Brenton.Furze @Rachel.Thomson
#Create the fun!

Rachel Manson2


Shelly Peebles
CLVnz Head Office

Big Shout Out to the wonderful Amy and Michael G on their amazing effort producing the Uni Hall Move In video and New Zealand’s first edition of CLVtv. We love the video and can’t wait for your return to film the second edition of CLVtv.

 Thanks so much

The Uni Hall Team



Suzanne Edwards
UC Accommodation Student Village

Welcome back to Waitākiri and Waimairi Villages Sarah Lonergan.  There were tears of joy from Waimairi residents when they heard you were coming back.  It’s great that you’re a member of the team again.


Siobhan Russell
Student Village, the University of Melbourne Campus

The SVM Team would like to congratulate Michael on adding RMIT Village to his portfolio of Villages. You’re taking over the world, one Village at a time.

King Michael

Fairina Cheng
CLVau Head Office

Today is my last day at CLV before I enter the scary world of self-employment as a jewellery designer, so I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all the people who I have worked with during this time, including marketing team members, Justine, Tim, Amy, Ibnu and Nadine, and former marketing team member, Shannon!

I came to CLV as an intern after living at Sydney University Village for 4 years. I wasn’t ready to give up the student lifestyle, so what better way to remain connected than taking up a job at CLV! CLV has been a great place to work, and as my first real corporate job, it has played an important role in shaping the skills and knowledge I have today. I’ve really enjoyed my 9 (!!) years here, and it’s no wonder that it’s taken me this long to say goodbye!

I would love to keep in touch, so feel free to connect on Facebook or at!