Staff movement announcements

We are welcoming new staff and saying congratulations to the familiar faces at CLV!


Robert Di Qual 

In July we congratulated Rob Di Qual for his 15-year-long tenure with CLV. Rob has made large contributions to the business as our Head of Development and both Michael Heffernan and the wider team congratulate him for his achievement!




Melanie Wheatley 

We welcomed Melanie on the 29th May to the role of Village Manager at Griffith University Village. Melanie is with us for the next 8 months and brings with her extensive experience in hospitality across both hotels and resorts. Welcome!



Jamie Edmunds

On the 17th July the Southern Cross University Village, Lismore team welcomed their newest member, Village Manager Jamie Edmunds. Jamie comes with over 5 years’ experience as a Village Manager for Morris Corporation. Welcome Jamie!



Simon O’Dea

Congratulations to Simon who has transitioned from the role of Village Manager, Western Sydney University Village Bankstown to Village Manager at Macquarie University Village on May 15. Simon has played an instrumental role with Operations across the Western Sydney profile and brings a wealth of experience to his new position. Congratulations Simon!



Stephanie Walsh

Stephanie Walsh has transitioned into the role of Village Manager at Western Sydney University Village Bankstown and Campbelltown. She brings to this role a multifaceted knowledge of the business, which she has been kind enough to share with us!


“I started with Campus Living Villages in the Reception role at Western Sydney university Village Hawkesbury at the age of 19. After a year and a half I was promoted to Duty Manager at the same site, eager to commence taking on more responsibility and ownership of the Village community, HSE and the RA team. I was in the Duty Manager role for 2 years, where I was able to develop and grow by training new staff, and assisting Villages across Western Sydney. I then progressed to the Operations Manager Role at Western Sydney University Villages, which has been my favourite role to date . It gave me the opportunity to understand how other managers work, how one portfolio can have 6 different types of residents and what each village staff member faces every day (even though we are classed as one site).

Campus Living Villages has given me the opportunity to also work outside of my portfolio including Macquarie and Canberra. As you change roles and move around, you have more opportunity to create networks and learn new ideas from Village staff and Residents. Western Sydney Villages and our sister Village, Macquarie, are like one big family! In the past year we have grown very close, and all the staff go out of their way to support each other.  

I have made so many great friendships during my time at Campus Living Villages and some of those friendships will be with me forever.”