StarRez Conference 2017

Sarah Ashmore and Hannah Martin attended the StarRez Global User Conference in July, along with four CLV staff from the UK and US. The conference was attended by over 600 attendees from around the world representing a wide diversity of both private and public institutions.



The conference ran for four days where they attended a variety of learning and best practice sessions run by both industry experts and colleagues from other organisations. Sarah and Hannah took the ‘divide and conquer’ approach for the sessions, ensuring they were exposed to the greatest amount of information. Their focus was around what can be done to improve current processes and learning about new features that can be implemented to make the student journey a better one in the future. They also welcomed valuable networking opportunities with other members of the StarRez user community to share our ideas and challenges.


At the conclusion of the conference, Hannah Martin showcased the CLVau resident portal to all attendees, explaining how our portal improves the student experience. Some of the features included;

  • Use of html coding – to keep a consistent brand presence and insert a live facebook feed
  • Use of branded, html automatic emails
  • Use of personalised arrival/departure pages



Hannah Martin during her talk at the conference