These simple accessories ensure residents can always find their way home


UK residents, arriving during the September intake, are set to receive an assortment of arm candy. But don’t panic. It’s calorie free!

A recent Opportunities Register win will see villages issuing colourful wristbands to residents during move-in week. The winning idea, submitted by Business Graduate, Veli Sawdon, was in response to concerns for student safety during the first few weeks of university life.

In a local news bulletin, police and taxi drivers in Manchester reported that a significant number of intoxicated students would hire a taxi home but often have trouble remembering where their new accommodation was located. Believing that this situation was not unique to Manchester, Veli proposed arming all UK residents with free, brightly coloured wristbands containing vital contact information during orientation.

Each resident will be issued with a band that states the name of the building they live in, their postcode and an out-of-hours security or Duty Manager’s phone number. This handy piece of arm candy will also have the added benefit of creating a sense of community amongst residents and can be used to support village life events.

Veli, who was a Customer Service Officer at Salford Student Village before joining CLVuk’s Business Graduate program, explained how the idea came about: “When we were setting up our Manchester treasure hunt event, we needed to think of a way to make our residents identifiable to the locations we were working with. The wristbands were a perfect solution, and worked well with the halls colour party arranged by the University too.”

“The wristbands also fostered a sense of community between residents as soon as they arrived. In turn, these new friendships would encourage residents to attend village life events as they would be more likely to do so in groups.”

“The new wristbands will be rolled out this coming September and I’m so excited to see the different ways each Village will incorporate them into their Village Life events. I’m also really keen to get feedback from the residents and staff so I know how they were received,” Veli said.

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