Upgrading to StarRez Web

StarRez original photo

The upgrade to StarRez Web is well underway! The global StarRez project team, including staff in Australia and New Zealand, are working hard to roll out the new web-based software, which will feature a redesigned interface and an improved, intuitive design.

Once rolled out, users will enjoy:

  • Modern layout
  • Accessibility on devices, including tablets and phones anywhere with a network connection
  • The ability to share PDF reports with other users at the click of a button
  • An enhanced Occupancy Graph
  • Improved Dashboard functionality

From 27 February to 3 March, Western Sydney University Village’s Bankstown and Campbelltown campuses were the crash test dummies for the StarRez Web pilot. The pilot commenced with a team familiarisation of the upgraded 10.2 version, including the improvements and key benefits.

“Under the guidance of Lauren Storey and Hannah Martin, the team quickly recognised the efficiency that came with improved customisation and the overall intuitive nature of the new version,” said Simon O’Dea, Village Manager of the Bankstown and Campbelltown villages. “This was further demonstrated with training of the RAs on day 3, with all members being able to practically apply their new skills as a test of objectives.”

“Most importantly for us as a Village, the planning, execution and ongoing support for the training phase has allowed us to continue business as normal through its entirety. On behalf of Bankstown and Campbelltown, I’d like to thank everyone involved, particularly Lauren and Hannah, in making the StarRez Web upgrade a smooth transition at Village level. This was a clear demonstration of the improved practicality and synchronisation between various departments at CLV,” said Simon.

If you have already gone through your training session (or are about to complete your training), Congratulations! If not, here is when you can expect to see Lauren and Hannah’s friendly faces at your Village to conduct your StarRez training.

Training Dates – AU

03/04/2017 – 7/04/2017
ECU Villages
Murdoch University Village

10/04/2017 – 13/04/2017
Student Village Melbourne and Yarra House (combined)
University of Canberra Village

18/04/2017 – 21/04/2017
Griffith University Village

01/05/2017 – 5/05/2017
SCU Villages

Training Dates – NZ

22/05/2017 – 26/05/2-17
Canterbury villages

29/05/2017 – 02/06/2017
Auckland, Palmerston North and Wellington villages

The team has created a range of resources to assist with the transition to the new StarRez Web platform. Check out the reference library on SharePoint for ‘How to Guides’, visit the StarRez Communities page to chat with your colleagues or email starrezsupport.au@clv.com.au for more information.