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The General Manager has overall leadership and management of the Village, collaborating with the assigned VP or AVP of Operations and Head Office to achieve business objectives of the Village and CLVus.

Key accountabilities are listed below. 



> Prepares, manages, recommends and implements changes in the Village business plan to ensure profitability is maximized and financial targets are realized.

> Prepare and manage strategic financial decisions, including budget, applicable reports, data analysis, and cash flow forecasting/management.


> Recruits, trains, supervises, and manages Village staff to achieve highest possible customer service attainable, ensuring compliance with all applicable policies and procedures.

> Creates a Servant Leadership based environment in which employees can be successful at CLV.

> Coaches staff on performance improvement.

> Provides opportunities for staff to acquire and use new skills.

> Recognizes staff for accomplishments.

> Knows the Village Handbook and the Rules and Regulations, and enforces them consistently.

> Conducts regular staff meetings.

> Initiates proactive and responsive communications with staff.

> Promotes an environment where Village staff know they are part of CLV regional and global.


> Ensures compliance with all agreements, leases, and contracts pertaining to the Village.

> Ensure compliance with CLV policies and procedures.

> Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local regulatory agencies.

> Recognizes and responds to all Village HR issues and collaborate with Head Office Human Resources to ensure legal compliance and consistent application of CLV policies and procedures.

> Manages legal matters at Village level, with support of Head Office legal counsel.

> Ensures that required postings are posted in appropriate locations and in a timely manner.


> Prepares and distributes daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports to owners, Head Office, and external stakeholders as indicated in any of the legal agreements, including reports for the University and financial providers.


> Establishes and maintains a risk and incident log.

> Implements a work order system within the Village for all facility- and safety-related matters.

> Ensures that the facility is maintained to the highest possible standards.

> Ensures that student safety and security is always the main priority in the operation of the village.

> Collaborates with facilities to monitor the make ready plan, conduct consolidation plans, create contracts and request bids, monitor vendors and communicate and document issues of concern.

> Attends to emergencies or problem situations in an efficient and effective manner to ensure the safety and well-being of all residents.

> Ensures that the Occupational Health and Safety procedures and policies are implemented at all levels throughout the residence.


> Identifies and pursues new development opportunities on the Village site and immediate surrounding area.

> Acts as primary contact with the university in negotiating opportunities, with Corporate Office Development team in support.

> Prepares, implements, and manages a detailed annual marketing plan for the promotion of the residences to ensure the residence is promoted effectively within the University as well as to the broader community.

> Collaborates with VP or AVP Operations and Head Office Marketing Department as needed.

> Ensures that key tools such as the Village website and social media sites are always up to date and relevant.

> Actively promotes the Village to target markets and to conference clients at the appropriate times to maximize occupancy.

University Relations

> Develops and maintains a partnership with the University faculty and administrative staff on a strategic level.

> Develops relationships across a variety of university departments.

> Seeks out opportunities to be involved in university operations by volunteering to serve on university committees and task forces.

> Works in tandem with the University to achieve a mutual environment in which the students can be successful.

Residence Life

> Provide guidance and leadership to students, directly and through the supervision of student residential staff.

> Implement and maintain an active student life program incorporating direction and structure provided by Campus Living Villages via its Residence Life Program.

Community Relations

> Establishes a positive presence in the community to raise awareness of CLV.

> Participates in community and university events.

> Participates in a community business association.

Technical Skills

> Computer literacy with advanced understanding of MS Office.

> Proficiency in Star Rez apartment management software preferred.

> Proficiency with content management systems.

> Proficiency with online and social media tools would be an advantage.


This Position Description is a summary of the primary duties and responsibilities of the position. It is not intended to be a comprehensive listing of all duties and responsibilities. Campus Living Villages reserves the right to change this description at its discretion.

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