Intern programme

December 07, 2015
United Kingdom

UK interns

Earlier this year, five excited students walked into CLV and began the journey towards their ideal careers. They were selected from over 120 applicants from across the UK to complete our first ever Intern Programme. For eight weeks over the summer, each student was tasked to work on business critical projects, knowing that their contribution would make a real impact to CLV. We paid them a salary, in recognition of their role and hard work.

These inspiring young adults – Thomas Lynch and Jessica Howard from Manchester University, Edward Holmes from Manchester Metropolitan, Jessica Burgess from Leeds University and Lavinia Alexoiu from Salford University – were each assigned to different departments in CLV’s head offices, following two days of residential training to introduce them to fundamental business skills. Through a mix of coaching, mentoring and training, each intern discovered their own unique skill set and learned how to apply and adapt their range to get the most from the programme.

The support didn’t stop when they started their roles: they were given projects and tasks to stretch their abilities, hone their strengths and improve their weaknesses – all under the supervision of our CSR team and other colleagues throughout CLV.

“My manager and colleagues were a joy to work with and were always friendly and helpful,” said Jessica. “My project involved several tasks where I was given lots of responsibility from the beginning of my time with CLV and I was always invited to take on more work when I completed my projects.”

Our interns worked with people from all levels across the business, from liaising with apprentices and assistants to working alongside directors and senior managers.
At the end of the programme, each intern completed and delivered a presentation, outlining and evaluating their experience, while expanding their analytical and presentation skills.

Thomas said, “I really enjoyed my time…every day brought a different challenge and something new. I only have to look back at the person I was at the start of my placement to see just how much I’ve grown. I’ve developed the skills and confidence to transfer my university knowledge into a professional working environment. I would encourage anybody thinking of applying to CLV to do so, it’s been an experience I’ll never forget!”

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