A new village life is born

August 11, 2016
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The time for residents to fly the nest and join us at one of our UK villages is fast approaching, and with it the launch of our brand new Village Life programme.

Village Life is our revamped (and completely free) approach to enhancing resident life – it puts Campus Living Villages’ ethos into practice and makes student experience the very core of our business. The programme replaces vplus, last year’s take on village-based activity, which required residents to pay an annual fee for a more limited range of events and experiences.

The change in our method to improve resident life was inspired by a better understanding of the behaviour of the next generation of university goers. A cohort who were born into the digital age, they have grown up with the world, quite literally, at their fingertips. Using technology as a crucial means of connecting and communicating with others, not just as a distraction to pass their time, means this generation can find it hard to take a break from their device in order to make the most of their real world experiences.

With the aim of replicating the informality and diversity of their digital interactions, we’ve created a programme that supports our residents as they meet people, make new friends, learn new things and just have fun. To kick start Village Life this September, our six week Settling In calendar of events will see residents across our 15 villages benefit from our increased engagement with everything from cookery demos, to city-wide treasure hunts, to international karaoke being on offer.

However, Village Life is about more than just free food and movie marathons. Our excellent relationships with our university partners mean we know exactly who to refer our residents to with any problems, not to mention our great village teams being on-hand to provide advice on a range of problems from financial worries, to what to do when feeling a little homesick.

We hope, with our ongoing support throughout the year, our residents will immerse themselves in their village community and truly feel at home with Campus Living Villages.

Village Life is more than just a resident life programme – it’s part of our DNA. It’s what we do.

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