Campus Living Villages launches education program to promote responsible drinking

May 26, 2016


Global student accommodation specialist, Campus Living Villages (CLV) is looking to shift students’ attitudes towards alcohol consumption as part of its CLV Cares corporate social responsibility program.

With over 9,000 university residents in Australia alone, CLV has launched UniCAN, a national Alcohol Accreditation Program across its 20 Australian locations.

An initiative by AlcoCups and the Australasian Association of College and University Housing Officers (AACUHO), the UniCAN program aims to implement a behavioural change model in universities to reduce alcohol related incidents and promote responsible drinking.

Resident Assistant (RA) training got underway at CLV’s properties earlier this year with RAs donning ‘beer goggles’ and playing ‘goggle soccer’ to show the effect alcohol can have on one’s judgement.

“We work with thousands of students and young adults day in, day out and pride ourselves in creating a safe, secure environment where they can fully enjoy their university experience,” says CLV’s Director of Operations, Shannon O’Connor.

“Alcohol doesn’t have to be a part of this process. We are very excited to work with AlcoCups and AACUHO to create exciting, supportive communities where alcohol is not seen as the precursor to having a good time,” added O’Connor.

CLV’s villages are collectively in their first year of the program and will work their way through three levels of accreditation over a three year period. Criteria include organising alcohol free events, facilitating education and awareness programs, activities that promote a healthy lifestyle and transport or transit schemes to ensure students can get home safely after a night out.

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