Campus Living Villages: The Internship

September 08, 2016
GlobalUnited Kingdom

Our paid summer internship programme offers students an exciting opportunity to maximise their summer break and gain real-world professional training, skills practice and industry know-how.

This year, six talented students joined our MediaCity head office for an eight-week summer internship. Jordan, Emma, Francesca, Sabrina, Carmen and Ramal are currently studying a variety of degree programmes and experienced working life in areas such as procurement, operations, resident life and sustainability.

Reflecting on our values and employability focussed commitments, each of the applicants were offered feedback on the quality of their application and work and given suggestions on how to improve for future roles.

Alex Mayes, Corporate Responsibilities and Communities Manager, said: It’s been great having the interns with us, not only did they complete some business critical projects, offer fresh eyes to problems but also brought a huge amount of energy and enthusiasm to the office.

We caught up with our specially selected interns, at the end of the programme, to find out what they learnt and how they think their experience will impact their future career prospects:

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