Campus Living Villages’ very own Rebecca O’Hare becomes ASRA’s North West Rep

June 24, 2016
United Kingdom

Rebecca O'Hare CLVASRA is the Association for Student Residential Accommodation and they provide a network for those who work in the university or private accommodation sector. They promote and support the professional activities of those working in student accommodation, as well as provide opportunities to meet those working in similar roles, share best practice, gather new ideas and focus on professional development.

We’re delighted to announce that in addition to her day job, as Resident Life Manager, Rebecca has secured a two-year term as ASRA’s North West representative. She’s taken some time out from both of her roles to explain more about the position with ASRA and what this appointment means for us as a business. 


What will your role as ASRA’s representative for the North West entail?

I’m looking forward to attending my first management meeting in Birmingham in a few weeks. It will be a great opportunity to get to know the team better and see all the action behind the scenes, as well as learning more about my requirements in the role. On top of that, I’ll be busy starting to plan the next regional meeting for our members which takes place in November. The meetings are an excellent opportunity to network, and often to meet those new to the sector, as well as gain valuable information from those speaking on the day.

How will being part of ASRA benefit CLV’s reputation in the UK?

Being part of ASRA and having a member of the team on the management committee is evident of CLV’s commitment to improving and providing a home environment for students to Live, Learn and Grow. As an organisation who works in partnership with universities, being part of ASRA is an excellent opportunity to not only engage with our current stakeholders but to learn about the needs and requirements of all university members.

Your role is for a two-year term, what are you passionate about achieving in that time?

One of the most exciting observations I’ve made is watching the increase in the number of roles being created in the Resident Life / student experience sphere. I’m really passionate about providing a platform, as well as opportunities for those who are perhaps new in their role to learn how to develop and enhance their Resident Life offering for their institution and the ASRA regional meetings and forums are key to this. However, I’m also very interested in ensuring that topics of interest or perhaps sector trends are given a focus too, so that all of our members who work across a variety of departments in student accommodation can benefit and leave feeling they’ve learned something new.

I’m delighted and really excited to commence my role as the ASRA Northern Rep. It’s a brilliant opportunity to meet more of those who work in the sector, enhance my own skills and share best practice across the region.

If you have a question for Rebecca regarding ASRA or the Resident Life programme across our villages please contact rebecca.o’

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