Campus Living Villages welcomes seven student stars

July 08, 2016
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Seven talented students have joined our (pretty packed) Manchester office for a summer internship. The programme is part of our ‘Stepping Up’ initiative, a series of learning and development programmes including apprenticeship, graduate and summer internship schemes, with each designed to nurture young talent in the UK.

Following our 2015 programme, which saw five interns come through our doors, we had some time to reflect and adapt our offering. Last year’s success lay in the level and scale of the projects that the interns worked on, the intense training they received and the continuous employability focussed mentoring. Feedback also revealed that the culture of our office also helped them to feel part of our working environment very quickly. These learnings allowed us to develop, what we believe, will be an even more successful 2016 programme.

A job application like no other…

This year, Alex Mayes, Corporate and Responsibilities Manager, set out to recruit in a way that would increase the likelihood of finding, and selecting, those that would be the right cultural fit for us. Yes, we (Alex) asked applicants about their previous work experience and personal achievements, but what we were really interested in were their values and behaviours.

In order to recruit in this alternative way, we used an online application form that didn’t require a CV or cover letter. The results were filtered to remove all personal information such as name, address, university and degree programme in order to remove any subconscious or personal bias by the recruitment team during selection. Each interview was then tailored to explore the answers given. We also asked ‘cultural’ style questions, such as “is it better to be late and perfect or good and on time?”

“The interview process at Campus Living Villages was different to any other application I’ve done. The questions we were asked were completely open ended which gave me the opportunity to show my personal style and personality, as well as give an answer that I felt would be unique compared to other candidates.” Jordan Daly, BSc Marketing, the University of Salford, Marketing and Communications Intern.

Reflecting our own values and employability focussed commitments, all applicants were offered feedback on the quality of their application and given suggestions on how to improve future applications at other organisations.

We’ll be catching up with all seven of our interns at the end of the programme to see what they’ve learnt and how they think their experiences with Campus Living Villages will impact their future career prospects.


Campus Living Villages Summer Internship Programme

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