CLV TV hits the digital airwaves

June 30, 2016

There’s a new channel on the air and now is the time to tune in! CLV TV has launched its very first episode, capturing O-Week highlights from villages around Australia.

Further episodes on the national channel will be released every 6 months and offer a candid update on life at our villages.

For residents, it’s an opportunity to relive the excitement of the events that make life at the village what it is.

For parents and university partners, it’s a way to experience the community through the eyes of a resident.

And for staff, it provides an insight into life at sites outside their own, offering ideas and inspirations that can be applied to their village.

CLV TV is brought to you by Content and Social Media Specialists, Michael Garganera and Amy McClelland, who have travelled around the country interviewing residents and capturing the unique communities at each location.

“The best part about travelling around the country and filming is meeting all the residents at the events we filmed at,” said Michael, our man behind the camera.

On-camera host Amy agreed. “I loved being able to work closely with each village team and see their relationships with the residents. It was great to hear their personal ‘good news’ stories and meet the residents in person.”

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