Everton Hall’s sweet treats support Otaki animal sanctuary

September 09, 2016
New Zealand


Residents at Everton Hall, Wellington, have hit the Victoria University of Wellington campus to raise funds for Help You Help Animals (HUHA), New Zealand’s leading ‘No Kill’ animal shelter.

Armed with brownies, biscuits and cupcakes, residents set up shop on campus and gave students and passerby’s the sugar hit they needed, all for the love of animals.

“A lot of our residents at Everton, as well as the staff, are huge animal lovers,” said Residential Life Coordinator, Jaime Flack. “It was the love of animals, and the kind, compassionate nature of our residents that really drove this fundraiser. From the get go there were so many people keen.”

A raffle was also held, with prizes ranging from $15 to $50 in value, donated by the Sojourn Café and Bar, Village staff and funded by the residential life budget.

“I was particularly impressed with the amount of money we raised, considering our target audience were students who are often strapped for cash,” said Jaime. “Either way, the animals won, and this was a great opportunity for our residents to get involved in the community.”

Funds raised were donated to help build HUHA’s new animal sanctuary after their former site was bulldozed to build a quarry. In doing so, each resident (and all of their customers) have contributed towards helping homeless, abandoned, seized and abused animals find a forever home.


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