Humans of Uni Hall puts a story to the name

January 09, 2017
New Zealand

Uni Hall at UC Accommodation Student Village in Christchurch has put a spin on the famous Humans of New York Facebook page, sharing residents’ stories through the page, Humans of Uni Hall.

The page has already grown beyond the 550-resident Uni Hall community and is receiving an impressive reach of 3500 people per post.

RA, Angus Howat, who started the page said, “The main objectives are to make the resident community a little bit smaller and more accessible, to empower residents to be open and honest, and to provide a little peek into the lives and experiences of other community members.”

In just a few months, the page has achieved exactly that, with residents becoming ‘Uni Hall famous’ after talking about how they have adjusted to uni life, dealt positively with personal issues and relaying personal anecdotes about what makes them unique.

“It makes me very happy to see this page receiving so much love! I know that we, as staff, are very lucky with the people we have within our community. Seeing the positive response our page gets and the collective support shown to those who might be going through rough times makes continuing with this initiative more and more rewarding. We look forward to continuing with Humans of Uni Hall and seeing what stories we will receive next,” Angus said.

Meet some of Uni Hall’s featured residents!

Java Katzur


Daniel Trochez


Matthew Morrissey


Jessy Brant


Caitlin Wood


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