CLV Award for Excellence presented to Andrew Morgan at 2015 Best Practice Awards

September 15, 2015

Best Practice Awards 2015

Campus Living Villages (CLV) has been pleased to present the ‘Campus Living Villages Award for Excellence by a New Entrant in Tertiary Education Management’ to Dr. Andrew Morgan from the Academy of Design Australia.

The commendation was presented at the 2015 ATEM/Campus Review Best Practice Awards, held as part of the Tertiary Education Management Conference in September.

Andrew commenced his career in tertiary education management in 2010 as Academic Secretary at the Academy of Design Australia. As a manager in a small college he had to focus on all aspects of the tertiary education management function across almost every facet of operations.

For his stellar efforts, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Director.

As one referee said, “Andrew is an example of excellence measured by any standard. The fact that he is a new entrant to tertiary education management simply makes his contribution even more impressive”.

Andrew has been thrilled to receive this recognition from his professional colleagues.

“In many instances our contribution to tertiary education management is best judged by how invisible it is; by the extent to which students and academic staff can go about their learning, teaching and scholarship without being distracted by the systems that keep their institution functioning,” he said. “It’s great to have that acknowledgement from others who know what a challenge this can be.”

“Those of us who work outside of the large public universities can sometimes feel professionally isolated and unsure about whether we’re ‘doing it right’. This award makes me feel more closely connected to a much bigger sector. I’m very grateful to Campus Living Villages for supporting the award. Thank you!”

Michael Heffernan, CEO of CLV Australia said, “Andrew is certainly a worthy recipient for this award. CLV is extremely pleased to support the development of new entrants to the tertiary sector and acknowledge the excellent work done to promote leadership and create opportunities for students.”

“CLV is proud to support the ATEM/Campus Review Best Practice Awards as a part of our approach to promoting excellence within the tertiary sector,” added Michael.

The Best Practice Awards, of which CLV has been a long-standing sponsor, are designed to recognise excellence in professional management and administration by staff at Australian and New Zealand tertiary institutions.

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