Go Explore: A resident’s key to stay for free in 3 countries

June 26, 2014

Go Explore student travel initiative

From Philadelphia to London to Christchurch, residents in Australia can stay for up to two weeks rent free at villages across the globe, as part of the newly launched Go Explore program.

The key to free accommodation applies to participating villages across New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States, and is a benefit exclusively available to CLV residents.

“CLV is committed to creating exciting communities and learning experiences that will last a lifetime, and Go Explore can be a part of those memorable experiences,” says CLVau Chief Executive Officer, Michael Heffernan.

“CLV’s global portfolio consists of over 40,000 beds. We are starting to leverage this global footprint for the benefit of our student residents and university partners across the world,” he says. “Students now have the chance to mix with different cultures, explore other university locations and enjoy free accommodation at participating villages as a CLV resident.”

Find out more about Go Explore.

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