Not to blow our own trumpet…

August 16, 2016
GlobalUnited Kingdom

Prince Consort Village, our newest accommodation in the heart of West London, was visited earlier this year by television presenter James May.

Officially opening the doors to the state-of-the-art village, a space tailored to the needs of the city’s creative students, James offered his ever-comical insight into just how much student life – and accommodation – has evolved since his own time studying Music at Lancaster University.

Adam, a Royal College of Music student and Top Gear super fan, took James around the village for a grand tour.

The classically trained musician (not that you’d know it from his Campus Living Villages debut) shared his hilarious first impressions of the facilities as he was shown around a luxurious studio, one of the 24-hour Practice Rooms and the on-site gym.

Despite being a keen pianist, James passed on an opportunity to show off his musical flair in the Piano Lounge, perhaps feeling more at home in the room “where you can practice watching the telly”?

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