Te Puni Village residents get into the groove

August 04, 2016
New Zealand


Residents at Te Puni Village have swapped their spare time for civic service, helping to run a Friday night disco at Te Aro School. Volunteers took on chaperoning and DJ responsibilities and organised games, face painting, bubbles blowing, decorating and dancing.

Jessica Merrick, Te Puni Village Manager, said the event was a hit, with one grandmother saying her grandchildren will not stop talking about the “cool big kids”.

“The Te Aro School students seemed to really enjoy themselves and our residents did a fantastic job. It’s incredibly rewarding to support our residents to help out in the community.”

“We have been working to provide leadership opportunities for our residents, especially through service. In addition to participating in philanthropy events involving Victoria’s Halls, each of our residential assistants host events in the areas of diversity, education, wellbeing and service.”

The arrangement to host the Te Aro School disco came about through growing relationships with neighbours.

“Te Aro School principal Sue Clement has been open to inviting our residents over for service events and mentoring opportunities and has also kindly opened Te Aro’s basketball courts for our residents to use,” said Jessica.

“Our residents have also coached netball for her students this year and we hope to undertake a community art project along our shared pathway with Te Aro School in the future.”

As published in the Dominion Post.

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