That’s our village…but your home

April 25, 2017
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In November 2016 the UK Marketing team commenced work with Substance (brand communications experts), to identify more suitable and effective campaign communications. The work was undertaken with a view to not focus solely on room sales, but also act as a means of creating early engagement with our brand.

Research into our competitors, meetings with internal staff and focus groups with our existing residents revealed some very interesting insights. We discovered more about what makes us different, looked into the thought process behind booking a room and what it is our customers are really looking for in their student accommodation.

The research showed that there were a number of core values shared by staff and residents alike, with drivers to select our accommodation being security, helpfulness, staff and locality to name a few.

The research converted into a campaign narrative that focused on the key themes of care, individuality, comfort and warmth, culminating in our new applications campaign for 2017, Home Made. The campaign launched in the UK across PPC, Facebook in-stream video, outdoor media, programmatic display and email advertising earlier this month.

Respected accommodation in great locations, site-based staff devoted to your care and brilliant events all year long. That’s our village…but your home.

James McCracken, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager said: We ascertained that none of our competitors were selling on service and yet this is critical to our audience; ultimately resulting in this campaign. What’s most exciting about the change in our creative direction is that it’s not just something we’ve produced internally, this is something that our residents have said about us. This campaign isn’t our voice, it’s the voice of our residents.

Leigh Tasker, Managing Director, Substance Communications said: A good campaign really starts with credible research. We carried out a number of activities, principally with internal audiences and towards the later stages with residents themselves, to try and find out what was unique about Campus Living Villages. We came to the idea of ‘Home Made’, which infers the idea of warmth and comfort, it also has lovely emotive characteristics which are very personal and human. 

Watch the campaign’s launch video on our YouTube channel.

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