Village fundraisers show that CLV cares

September 07, 2016

Australian villages have shown their support for some very worthy causes, with RMIT Village (Melbourne) supporting the homeless and Murdoch University Village (Perth) raising funds for beyondblue!

RMIT Village

RMIT Village’s new alliance with the Salvation Army’s ‘Project 614’ and the Salvation Army and Collingwood Football Club’s ‘Magpie Nest Housing Project’ puts residents’ unwanted items to good use by donating them to Melbourne’s homeless.

The two organisations work passionately with disadvantaged groups, including those sleeping rough on the streets, and provide support through safe accommodation, training, employment opportunities and more.


“I heard Eddie McGuire, President of the Collingwood Football Club, speak of the great job done by the Club through their Magpie Nest Housing Project at a recent Chairman’s lunch,” said RMIT Village General Manager, Noel McMahon. “Being old friends with Collingwood management gave me the perfect introduction for RMIT Village to speak with Major Brendan Nottle from the Salvation Army.”

To kick off the campaign, emails and Facebook posts encouraged residents to donate unwanted items, while cleaners kept a look out to ensure useable items were donated instead of being placed in bins. The first donation, made five days after the project was implemented, contained half a truck load (or over 500) items to support the homeless of Melbourne.

“Our support will help the homeless whilst on the street and also stock the houses once they become residents. It also stops these goods being sent to land fill,” Noel said.

The project will continue throughout the year, with the majority of donations being made following the check out process.

Find out more about Project 614 and the Magpie Nest Housing Project.

Murdoch University Village

After collecting a handful of small donations for CLV Australia’s national charity, beyondblue, the team at Murdoch University Village was determined to make the next event one to remember!

When RA, Treyton Coxon, suggested a sausage sizzle at Bunnings, the team knew that they had a winner.


“I booked the sausage sizzle with our local Bunnings and was lucky enough to have support from a couple of local businesses who gave us 500 buns for $100 and 20kg of onions for free,” said Community Manager, Kathy-Mae Tondut.

3 staff, 7 RAs and 3 residents took turns working the stand, sporting Village and V1 t-shirts. A display table with beyondblue booklets and free wristbands allowed staff to share the great work beyondblue does for the community.

“We had one customer who worked for beyondblue for 30 years and he absolutely loved that we were supporting them in this way,” said Kathy. “Overall we had a really nice day and I think it may be something we add to our calendar each year!”

In just one day, Murdoch University Village raised a grand total of $1118, beating previous fundraising figures for single events by over ten times! Congratulations for a very worthy team effort!

Find out more about beyondblue and the CLV Cares corporate social responsibility program.

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