Say goodbye to generic, mass produced
and one-size-fits-all

Working with campus master plans, we deliver tailored solutions that allow institutions to provide quality accommodation created specifically for the unique demographic of each campus. By developing sustainable, long-term relationships with every institution we work with, we are able to deliver memorable residential experiences that support their recruitment and retention goals. Best of all, partners can provide their students with high quality accommodation, without having to be involved in the cost, risk and complexity of operating and developing the facilities.


Our buildings aren’t just facilities. They are places where communities are born.

We specialise in building vibrant, student-centred living spaces where residents feel safe, inspired and supported. Working with our education partners and local authorities, we plan, build and manage bespoke accommodation projects which range from luxury, resort-style complexes to city-centre havens.

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Whether sites are owned by our partners, third parties, or CLV, maximising the student experience is a priority that never changes.

On-site managers allow villages to act and respond efficiently, avoiding expensive layers of management and delays in decision making. This allows each village to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the community it serves, while ensuring each site meets the high standards that deliver the special CLV experience.

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We’re here to maximise the student experience, while minimising our environmental impact.

From the sustainable design features we incorporate into our buildings to the resources and information we share with our residents, we reduce our environmental footprint and create communities that care about the important things in life.

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