Supporting excellence through staffing expertise and empowerment

Each village is supported with professionals in facilities management, finance, operations, residential life and customer service. On-site managers allow villages to act and respond efficiently, avoiding expensive layers of management and delays in decision making. And it doesn’t stop there. Head Office staff provide assistance in the areas above, as well as expertise in sales and marketing, human resources, information technology, asset management, risk and compliance, legal and strategic direction.

Why is this important?

This allows each village to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of the community it serves, while ensuring each site meets the high standards that deliver the special CLV experience.

Our staff

You know what they say. Staff are key to the success of any business.

Our staff are the driving force behind our villages, which is why we ensure they are well supported with regular participation in national and international conferences and other opportunities to learn new skills. We encourage international exchanges and forums, creating opportunities to share ideas and innovations that benefit our entire network of villages around the world.

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