Simon Dickinson

Head of Sales UK

For the last nine years I have worked in the student accommodation sector and was previously with Unite Students. I have enjoyed my experience with Campus Living Villages to date as it has allowed me to develop and implement new processes and improvements into the business, which previously had not been a priority for CLV; such as revenue management. I have seen major changes in the sector during the past nine years, including university tuition fee increases and a more competitive landscape for student accommodation operators. Continued improvement to our sales and revenue management processes will be critical to winning in the markets in which we operate, and to maintain our competitive edge in these areas.

My PBSA (Purpose Built Student Accommodation) career started in operations management with Unite Students before moving into sales and marketing positions. Prior to working in PBSA, I held a variety of operational and brand management positions in the electronics and fashion retail sectors, which in 2008 saw me move to Saudi Arabia for two years!